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The process of applying to your target universities can be a complex and challenging process. Admissions to top ranking institutions, especially in the UK and US, can be highly competitive and rigorous. The process can also vary according to each institution and their particular requirements. But you can prepare well, and strategically, throughout your time at high school. Once you know what, how, and when to prepare, you can successfully be admitted to top universities abroad.

Introductory seminars

In our seminars on overseas university admissions, undergraduate students and professional consultants present crucial information on getting started on your study abroad.

Speakers are current international students at top institutions in the UK and the US. They can provide useful tips and advice, and share their personal experiences at their respective universities. Our professional consultants will give you the perspective of university admission offices; what do they look for in applicants like you?

​Interested in becoming a speaker? Please visit our Careers page.

University admissions consultation service

We provide consultation services for high school students aspiring to study at high-ranking universities in the UK and the US.

Our services include:

  • Free initial consultation

  • Application support from start to completion

  • Planning a personalised strategy

  • Enhancing your academic and extracurricular profile

  • Admission paperwork and immigration support
  • Standardised Test support

  • and others

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