Seminar presenter/ Student mentor

Have you been accepted to, or do you study at a high ranking university in the US or the UK? Interested in sharing your experience and helping potential students achieve their best?

We are accepting expressions of interest from brilliant and high-achieving international students to inform and inspire aspiring students, who can learn from your unique experience!

Job description

  • Create exciting content about your university via videos, online Q&A sessions, etc.

  • Share your experience as an (international) student - student life, your area of study, etc.

  • Give advice on the admission process

  • Provide academic tutoring/ extracurricular mentoring as required 

  • Remote position (online), starting rate NZ$30/hr


Candidate requirements

  • Be a great presenter - we want you, superstar speakers! or an effective mentor (academic and application guidance)

  • Be proficient in Mandarin

  • Enrolled at a nationally high ranking university (undergraduates preferred)

  • Be passionate about inspiring aspiring students and have enthusiasm for academic excellence

  • Be majoring in Business, Engineering, Education, Media, Law or Medicine