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Online Products and Value-Added Service

Multi-user collaborative online course editing tool

Based on AI technologies such as knowledge graphs, the editing tool efficiently assists teachers in the development of courseware.


Multimedia teacher-student interactive learning tool

Through the multimedia tool, teachers and students can conduct multi-form interactive learning activities in real time, in order to enhance in-class learning experience and efficiency.


Online value-added service——E-learning report

Through the generation of students’ personalized knowledge and skill maps, students’ learning process can be tracked easily. Teachers are able to understand the students’ strengths and weaknesses promptly.  


Online value-added service——Online courseware and teacher training

Accurately recommend and distribute relevant multimedia courseware and teacher training content to our member teachers.

Innovation Learning Hub

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Real World Issue-Problem Solving International Competition

What does it bring to students?

Students will design problem-solving models through the comprehensive application of interdisciplinary knowledge. Students will collaborate with overseas students in PK competitions and complete various challenging tasks in the competition. By leveraging the organization and development of international competitions, discover the potential of students’ innovative practice.


Organization of Competition

Relying on well-known universities in the southern hemisphere, the competition is organized jointly with the New Zealand Chinese Scientists Association. Primary and secondary school students in the Asia-Pacific region will carry out 1-2 weeks of upgrading and polishing innovative solutions in special training camps, and participate in 1-2 days of PK competitions.

Academic Mini Research

What does it bring to students?

High school students will conduct research and practice on academic projects of various disciplines and participate in academic defenses online under the guidance of tutors from prestigious universities around the world. This program will help students understand the university curriculum in advance.