Co-operative Education Placement

About us

The Ningbo - Auckland Education Association (NAEA) aims to bridge and enhance cultural and educational exchanges, in order to benefit students and educators both in China and New Zealand.

We are one of the most influential education organisations in Asia Pacific, connecting educational resources, as well as promoting innovative 21st-century education.


What we are doing now

NAEA has facilitated more than 80 schools and educational institutions in both China and New Zealand, providing great opportunities to develop and strengthen friendships, cooperation in STEAM education both online and offline, career guidance for secondary school students and cultural understandings among global youths.

For more information, please find out the website: eduplace-jd &utm_source=aut


About opportunities

In this placement, you will be given the opportunity to:

  • Engage in profession training and development

  • Work with brilliant professionals

  • Develop employability skills

  • Drive change and innovation to the past faced initiatives

  • Flexible working hours

  • Get A report for the performance and suggestions for the future career


About you

You will get a Bachelor’s or above degree in a relevant field-Business Information Systems/ Human Resource Management/Market Insights: Marketing, Advertising, Retailing, Sales. All applications will be considered, but these degrees will be preferred.