STEAM Topics on Mars

  1. Space Farming - how do you grow food outside Earth?

  2. School on Mars - what would a school on Mars look like?

  3. Remote Rescue Robot - smart assistants for adventures on Mars.

  4. Transport on Mars - getting out and about on Mars.

  5. Design a spacesuit - staying comfortable in outer space.


Farm View

Grow plants in space! Earth’s farming and agricultural land is being used up … do you ever wonder what plants could grow in space? What conditions would you have to consider?


Aim: Using mathematics, physics, and biology, students will create a small greenhouse. Although the extra-terrestrial environment cannot be fully simulated, students will fully consider the realistic conditions of the planting site.


Astronaut USB Drive

The universe, beautiful and out of reach, hides mysteries that we do not know! If you want to go out into space, you must first equip yourself. Use your imagination – how could astronauts equip themselves?


Aim: Students will make a spacesuit/astronaut’s glove out of various materials, suitable for the conditions of outer space. Such conditions that students will need to consider include temperature, pressure, and radiation. To complete the project, students will need to use mathematics and scientific knowledge, and engage in engineering experiments and scientific investigations.


remote rover.jpg

Did you know, Curiosity, a Mars rover, helps humans to accomplish many tasks on Mars? What would we need rovers to do, if we were in the same special conditions of Mars? Think about it…


Aim: Students will learn about the transformation of energy and electrical circuits. Using mathematics and engineering knowledge, they will make a remote-controlled device that can perform tasks such as transporting loads.



Exploring outer space has always been a dream for us humans. Innovative creators like Elon Musk could help humans take a step further into space. If you really want to live on another planet, do you imagine what your life would be like? How would you commute and travel?


Aim: Students will gain knowledge about energy conversion and circuits. They will use mathematics and engineering knowledge to make a model of a transportation device for Mars. One makes a unique moral (what does this mean?).


shcool on mars.jpg

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could study on Mars? How might a school on Mars look like? How would it be different from your own school?


Aim: Students will gain mathematical, engineering and technological knowledge as they create a building on Mars and consider the particular characteristics of the red plant. The building must have basic functions – ensuring temperature and pressure levels inside and serving other practical purposes. Students will build a model of their building based on their imagination and knowledge, to convey their ideas.


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