Who Are We?


A&E International Ltd is an international online education organization based in Auckland, New Zealand. Our mission is to make global and high-quality education more convenient and shareable. We are making unremitting efforts towards our vision of  "becoming an infrastructure provider that carries K-12 international course content and supporting service operations.”

We are building a business model of S2B2C (Service Platform to Business to Customer). We hope this model will empower schools to better serve students and parents. We hope to reorganize the resource supply chain for future education through the dual engine of data intelligence and network collaboration, break the visible and invisible walls of schools, and achieve real-time access to global educational resources. We track the entire learning process of students technologically, by creating personalized knowledge and skill maps. As well, with AI technologies such as knowledge graphs, we assists teachers to efficiently develop courseware.


We are now applying this model to promote the practice of more than 160 schools in the Asia-Pacific region, focusing on multiple cooperation under the “student-centered” education model.